Rare Beauty with Greens

ICOICE Feb 27, 2024

Welcome to our exclusive blog post, where we embark on a journey into the enchanting realm of green contact lenses designed specifically for those with mesmerizing brown eyes. As March sweeps in, we celebrate the arrival of the lucky color of the season and invite you to explore a curated selection of ten extraordinary green contact lenses. Join us as we dive deep into the world of greens and unlock the potential to elevate your natural beauty to new heights.

1. Ocean Green:

Immerse yourself in the ethereal depths of Ocean Green contact lenses. Inspired by the tranquil hues of the sea, these lenses will transport your brown eyes into a world of mystery and allure. Prepare to captivate onlookers with a gaze that reflects the serene beauty of ocean waves.

Product Page of Ocean Green

2. Versailles Emerald Green:

Indulge in the opulence of Versailles with the captivating Versailles Emerald Green lenses. Drawing inspiration from the lavish gardens of this iconic palace, these lenses will infuse your brown eyes with a regal charm that exudes confidence and elegance. Let your eyes command attention with a touch of luxurious allure.

Product Page of Emerald Green

3. Wildcat Green:

Unleash your inner wildcat with the daring and vibrant Wildcat Green lenses. Designed to ignite a sense of adventure, these lenses will transform your brown eyes into a fierce and captivating gaze that radiates power and magnetism. Embrace your untamed spirit and let your eyes reflect your fearless nature.

Product Page of Wildcat Green

4. DNA Taylor Green Gray:

Experience the unique fusion of green and gray with the captivating DNA Taylor Green Gray lenses. These lenses offer a subtle yet striking transformation, accentuating the natural beauty of your brown eyes with a touch of sophistication. Prepare to mesmerize with eyes that hold an air of intrigue and allure.

Product Page of Taylor Green

5. Polar Lights Green:

Illuminate your gaze with the enchanting Polar Lights Green lenses. Inspired by the mesmerizing auroras, these lenses will make your brown eyes sparkle and shine, capturing the essence of ethereal beauty. Prepare to dazzle onlookers with eyes that reflect the captivating magic of the polar lights.

Product Page of Polar Lights Green

6. Smoky Olivine Green:

Indulge in the seductive allure of Smoky Olivine Green lenses. Infused with shades of green and hints of olive, these lenses create a mysterious and captivating look that will draw others into your gaze. Exude an air of intrigue and let your eyes tell a story of sultry elegance.

Product Page of Smoky Olivine Green

7. Vika Green:

Infuse your look with vibrancy and energy using the fresh and lively Vika Green lenses. Perfect for those seeking a vibrant and dynamic appearance, these lenses add a burst of color to your brown eyes. Reflect your vivacious personality with eyes that radiate an energetic charm.

Product Page of Vika Green

8. Rococo Joy Green:

Step into a world of joy and elegance with the Rococo Joy Green lenses. Inspired by the intricate artistry of the Rococo era, these lenses enhance your brown eyes with a touch of whimsical charm. Make a statement wherever you go and let your eyes exude a sense of grace and femininity.

Product Page of Rococo Joy Green

9. Hello Jasmine Green:

Channel the enchanting beauty of blooming jasmine flowers with the Hello Jasmine Green lenses. These lenses evoke a sense of delicate grace and femininity, elevating the natural charm of your brown eyes with a delicate green hue. Embrace the allure of nature and let your eyes bloom like the delicate petals of jasmine.

Product Page of Jasmine Green

10. AD.arena Green:

Experience the perfect blend of sophistication and allure with the AD.arena Green lenses. These versatile lenses offer a timeless look that suits any occasion, enhancing your brown eyes with a touch of elegance. Let your eyes radiate a sense of confidence and allure that captures attention wherever you go.

Product Page of Arena Green


As March ushers in a sense of renewal and luck, embrace the rare beauty of green contact lenses for your captivating brown eyes. Whether you seek a vibrant and daring transformation or a subtle and sophisticated change, there is a shade of green waiting to enhance your natural beauty. Explore our carefully curated collection and discover the perfect green lenses that will make your gaze truly mesmerizing. Embrace the lucky color of March and let your eyes shine with the enchanting allure of greens, unveiling a rare beauty that will leave a lasting impression.