6 Steps to Consider while Choosing Contact Lenses for Beginners

ICOICE Dec 14, 2022

6 steps to consider while choosing contact lenses for beginners

Color lenses are a kind of decorative contact lenses that can change a person's appearance or enhance their self-confidence, making them more beautiful and confident. So how to buy colored contact lenses? Purchasing contact lenses is a kind of task that requires careful consideration and careful selection, especially for those who want to change their eye color or require vision correction. We will introduce a complete purchasing guide to ensure that you purchase suitable and safe contact lens products.

Step 1: Go to the hospital for an eye examination

The first step in purchasing colored contact lenses is to go to the hospital’s ophthalmology department for an examination. This step is very important because only a professional ophthalmologist can evaluate the health of your eyes, measure your vision power and base arc (curvature), and determine if you have a problem that requires vision correction. This data will help you choose the right contact lens product to ensure healthy vision and comfort.

Step 2: Clarify your degrees and base arcs

Through an examination with an eye doctor, you will learn your prescription and base arc. The power is used to correct vision, while the base curve refers to the curvature of the front surface of the contact lenses. These two parameters are crucial for choosing the right contact lens, as the wrong power or base curve can cause discomfort and visual problems.

Step 3: Understand the 3 parameters (oxygen permeability, water content, diameter)

Oxygen permeability: Oxygen permeability refers to the air permeability of the contact lens material, which determines whether oxygen can pass through the contact lenses and reach the surface of the eyeball. The higher the oxygen permeability, the better the eyeball can breathe, reducing the risk of eye discomfort and dryness.

Moisture content: Moisture content indicates the percentage of water in the contact lens material. Contact lenses with a high water content are generally more comfortable, but also require more hydration. Choosing the right moisture content depends on whether your eyes are prone to dryness and the length of time you wear them.

Diameter: The diameter of the contact lens refers to the size of the lens, which affects the magnification effect of the contact lenses. Choosing the right diameter can enhance or diminish the effect on your eyes depending on your preference and needs.

Step 4: Understand the abandonment cycle (daily>biweekly>monthly)

Color contact lenses usually have different disposal cycles, including daily, biweekly and monthly disposal. The discard cycle depends on wearing needs and budget. Daily disposable contact lenses are suitable for those who want new contact lenses every day, while monthly disposable lenses can last longer but require regular cleaning and maintenance.

Step 5: Choose compliant purchasing channels

When purchasing contact lenses, be sure to choose legal and compliant purchasing channels. You can go to an optician, a pharmacy or choose an online store. Whichever channel you choose, make sure the supplier is offering legal products and following hygiene standards. When purchasing contact lenses, safety and quality are always the top considerations.

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Step 6: The last step is to choose the color

The final step is to choose the color of your contact lenses. Once you have determined the power, base arc, oxygen permeability, moisture content, diameter, and discard cycle, you can choose the appropriate color based on your personal preference. Colored contact lenses can change the color of your eyes and enhance your appearance and confidence.

Above is the step-by-step guide for beginners to choose the right contact lenses. Hope everyone can find their own beautiful contact lenses, and while becoming beautiful, they should also pay attention to protecting their eyes.