Unveiling Your Unique Gaze

Hi, We're ICOICE

Since 2020, ICOICE has been dedicated to creating a fashion makeup brand that embodies elegance, confidence, and individuality. Our mission is to encourage everyone to explore their creativity, embrace their unique beauty, and find their voice through makeup. We have successfully developed a line of high-end comfortable colored contacts, while also being of exceptional quality and reasonably priced.
The name ICOICE is derived from the words "icon" and "voice," symbolizing our vision to help people become their own icons and find their authentic voice through makeup. We believe that makeup is not just about enhancing features but also a powerful form of self-expression. Our innovative contact lenses are enabling our customers to create powerful first impressions by expressing their unique beauty and passion.
At ICOICE, we focus on producing comfortable contact lenses that combine cutting-edge technology with sustainable practices. We are committed to using environmentally friendly packaging materials and adopting sustainable production processes to minimize our impact on the planet. We also works closely with the Visually Impaired Children’s Foundation to help realize a brighter and more beautiful future for our future generations.
Product Features
Vibrant Shades
A wide range of captivating colors
Seamless Blend
Natural integration for realism
Comfort Tech
All-day wear, zero discomfort
Mesmerizing Gaze
Instant eye-catching allure
Easy Application
Effortless wear, in seconds
Safe Materials
Premium quality, gentle on eyes